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    Designer and Infrastructure


      Intended Use: For City Streets, Parking Lots, Campuses, Commercial Developments, Plazas, Historic Districts, Village Squares, Residential Areas, Parks, Walkways, Boulevards, & Roadways.

      Features: The full line of one- piece construction, decorative aluminum posts offers a vast array of base style and shaft options to match virtually any project theme. Cast aluminum bases matched with fluted cast, smooth tapered, or extruded straight shafts allow Holophane to offer styles that meet any application.

      Pole heights can vary from 8 to 16 and can be easily matched with post top style luminaires or decorative cross arms to complement a variety of design themes. The following are product attributes for the Cast Aluminum Post Series:

      Twenty-two cast styled bases; Multiple shaft styles and dimensions; One piece construction; Low copper content aluminum (356.1) insures maximum corrosion resistance and superior material strength; Superior finish with polyester powder coat finish; Shafts are circumferentially welded to base casting and ship as one piece for maximum structural integrity; Custom color options; Attachments available including, cross arms, banner arms, flag pole holders, signage, receptacles, finials and custom logos

      Listings: All welding shall be per ANSI/AWSD1.2-90. All welders shall be certified per section 5 of ANSI/AWS D1.2-90.

      File Name Title
      historicalstyleposts.pdf Historical Style Posts 
      Specification sheets
      File Name Description
      7 Inch Post Capital (convert 3" tenon)
      Colorado specification sheet & drawing
      Princeton Fluted specification sheet & drawing
      Princeton Smooth specification sheet & drawing
      North Yorkshire Cast Aluminum Pole spec sheet
      EPA Charts
      File Name Description
      pol_bfa_epa2009.pdf Bradford EPA Charts 
      pol_bla_epa2009.pdf Burlington EPA Charts 
      pol_bra_epa2009.pdf Barrington EPA Charts 
      pol_cha_epa2009.pdf Charleston EPA Charts 
      pol_cla_epa2009.pdf Columbia EPA Charts 
      pol_coa_epa2009.pdf Colorado EPA Charts 
      pol_cpa_epa2009.pdf Chesapeake EPA Charts 
      pol_dwa_epa2009.pdf Dunwoody EPA Charts 
      pol_fma_epa2009.pdf Freemont EPA Charts 
      pol_hla_epa2009.pdf Hamilton EPA Charts 
      pol_kwa_epa2009.pdf Kentwood EPA Charts 
      pol_mra_epa2009.pdf Manchester EPA Charts 
      pol_msa_epa2009.pdf Mount Sterling EPA Charts 
      pol_mva_epa2009.pdf Mount Vernon EPA Charts 
      pol_nba_epa2009.pdf New Brighton EPA Charts 
      pol_noa_epa2009.pdf Norwich EPA Charts 
      pol_nya_epa2009.pdf North Yorkshire EPA Charts 
      pol_osa_epa2009.pdf Oslow EPA Charts 
      pol_pfa_epa2009.pdf Princeton Fluted EPA Charts 
      pol_pla_epa2009.pdf Plymouth EPA Charts 
      pol_psa_epa2009.pdf Princeton Smooth EPA Charts 
      pol_rha_epa2009.pdf Rockford Harbor EPA Charts 
      pol_sma_epa2009.pdf Salem EPA Charts 
      pol_spa_epa2009.pdf Southport EPA Charts 
      pol_wda_epa2009.pdf Wadsworth EPA Charts 
      File Name Description
      tmp65.pdf Bradford EPA template - 20" base 
      tmp86.pdf Burlington template - 11" base 
      tmp83.pdf Barrington template - 16" base 
      tmp60.pdf Charleston template - 12" base 
      tmp40012.pdf Columbia template - 17" base 
      tmp62.pdf Colorado template - 12" base 
      tmp87.pdf Chesapeake template - 18" base 
      tmp56.pdf Dunwoody template - 12" base 
      tmp55.pdf Freemont template - 10" base 
      tmp58.pdf Hamilton template - 10" base 
      tmp64.pdf Kentwood template - 12" base 
      tmp91.pdf Manchester template - 19" base 
      tmp138.pdf Mount Sterling template - 17" base 
      tmp61.pdf Mount Vernon template - 12" base 
      tmp139.pdf New Brighton template - 9" base 
      tmp67.pdf Norwich template - 12" base 
      tmp85.pdf Wadsworth template - 17" base 
      tmp59.pdf Oslow template - 10" base 
      tmp71.pdf Plymouth template - 10" base 
      tmp80.pdf Rockford Harbor template - 18" base 
      tmp69.pdf Salem template - 9" base (Non-SiteLink) 
      tmp70.pdf Southport template - 11" base 
      tmp96.pdf Barrington template - 20" base 
      tmp105.pdf Charleston template - 16" base 
      tmp97.pdf Chesapeake template - 20" base 
      tmp90.pdf Dunwoody template - 20" base 
      tmp81.pdf Hamilton template - 16" base 
      tmp101.pdf Kentwood template - 20" base 
      tmp40008.pdf North Yorkshire template - 17" base (SiteLink L4) 
      tmp40010.pdf North Yorkshire template - 17" base (SiteLink L5 and L6) 
      tmp99.pdf North Yorkshire template - 20" base 
      tmp89.pdf Salem template - 13" base (Non-SiteLink) 
      tmp40006.pdf Salem template - 13" base (SiteLink L4) 
      tmp98.pdf Wadsworth template - 19" base 
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