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              HMS with Surveillance Camera

              Intended Use: The Holophane HMSŪ with Surveillance Camera Lowering Device System is designed for use in large areas such as roadways, port facilities, airports, water treatment plants, parking lots, rail yards and storage areas.

              Features: Choice of Systems: A complete CCTV surveillance system is available including the camera and controls. Or a camera-ready system may be utilized. All systems include an engineered solution for camera signal and luminaire power transmission.

              Choice of Luminaires: HMST, HMSD, HMSP, HMSC, Mongoose, Prismbeam or Predator luminaires may be clustered on the lowering device mounting ring with the camera in various combinations to provide customized lighting solutions.

              Choice of Lowering Systems: Holophane provides many options in choosing a lowering device system. Top latching systems provide a high level of safety for personnel, equipment and public areas. Top latching also provides long life to the system by removing all weight from the raising and lowering components. Bottom latching systems are also available.

              Additional system choices include self centering luminaire ring or non-centering ring, winch mounted in the pole and portable drive motor or motor mounted in the pole. Optional accessories include lighting protection, obstruction lighting and multiple circuit wiring.

              Reliability: Holophane has provided lowering device systems for more than 30 years with over 40,000 systems installed worldwide. Holophane provides a single source for the complete high mast system including the lowering device, luminaires and pole, assuring component compatibility. Factory trained, field experienced technicians are available for installation assistance.

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