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            Vantage RTT

            Intended Use: Assembly Plants, Food Processing Plants, Refigerated or Cold Storage, Wholesale Nurseries, Parking Garages.

            Certain airborne contaminants can diminish the integrity of acrylic. Please refer to the Acrylic Environmental Compatibility Chart (HL-2445) for suitable uses.

            Features: The Vantage® RTT is a recessed 2x2 HID luminaire designed specifically to meet the needs of the food industry. The RTT is durable enough to withstand the demands of a hose down environment while delivering superior lighting performance and efficiency. The result of the Vantage RTT will be long lived and durable.

            The superior lighting performance of the RTT is achieved by combining Holophane’s knowledge of optical design and superior materials. This luminaire is designed with a Miro® 4 highly specular reflector providing outstanding efficiencies.

            The RTT is constructed of cold rolled steel and finished with Holopane’s seven step pretreatment and paint process. The luminaire is accessed from the plenum only, maintaining the integrity of the seal.

            Listings: UL/CUL listed, NSF International C2 Splash Zones

            Hosedown rated at 500psi using a 15 degree nozzle @ 4 feet

            More on the Vantage
            Food Processing Line
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            File Name Title
            vantagertt.pdf Vantage RTT 
            Specification sheets
            File Name Description
            Vantage RTT
            Photometric Data Files
            File Name Catalog Number Description
            55352 RTT175PM00F Lamp = 175W CLEAR PMH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.71, SC-90=1.71  Desc: VANTAGE RTT
            55353 RTT250PM00F Lamp = 250W CLEAR PMH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.71, SC-90=1.71  Desc: VANTAGE RTT
            55354 RTT400PM00F Lamp = 400W CLEAR PMH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.72, SC-90=1.72  Desc: VANTAGE RTT
            Installation Sheets
            File Name Title
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