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ISD SuperGlass - A "Fundamental Shift"

Holophane has done it again. After decades of lighting spaces efficiently through the use of prismatic reflectors and refractors, the technology behind the prisms that facilitate good light distribution hasn't really changed... until now!

Enter Holophane's new ISD SuperGlass™, a
"Fundamental Shift"
in the way you will now think about lighting large scales spaces with tall ceilings. Holophane's revolutionary new prism technology is a breakthrough in prismatic technology that provides more light with less fixtures installed.

Holophane has redefined and redesigned the fundamental technology and processes behind the production of prismatic glass to the point that our new reflectors can provide up to 28% more light to the task than the next best alternative. To learn more about ISD Superglass, contact Holophane today to get a full demo of this new technology and learn how you can soon be "experiencing lighting's best!"

In the mean time, you may want to download and view our latest video on ISD Superglass below. Our new spokesperson, "Prism Pete" will take you on a virtual plant tour of the Holophane glass manufacturing process and give you a brief primer on what ISD SuperGlass is all about!

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