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New photometry viewer tools available at Holophane.com

August 2008

New Web-Based Photometric Viewer!

We now have an enhanced, web-based photometric viewer for each Holophane luminaire on our website.  Located under photometric data for each product, please select the  icon to access the new viewer.

The new viewer includes standard photometric information as it always has, but we have added new features on this report such as:

  • Iso-footcandle plot
  • A breakdown of lumens per zone
  • A zonal lumen summary
  • Luminaire Classification System (LCS) Table and Chart
  • Roadway Summary

New Viewer 3.2 Download

That’s right, we have a new downloadable viewer in “tools” area of the website that contains some new features (like the ones mentioned) and a more intuitive interface for comparisons of multiple files.

The new viewer is accessible by going to the Holophane on-line library, selecting tools, and then scrolling down the Photometric Data Viewer.  Download the executable file and upgrade your computer with this program today.   

It is our hope that the new upgrades are of great use to our sales representatives and our valued customers.  As the leader in lighting solutions, it is our mission to provide on-line tools that will help our customers select the right products for their application. 




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