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Fluorescent & Hazardous product extensions for Vantage Mini

June 2008

Holophane is also pleased to announce the extension of the Vantage Mini. This product has received rave reviews from customers and sales reps alike. We have added compact fluorescent, induction, and the Vantage Hazardous version to the Vantage Mini family.

Holophane understands the exceptionally demanding lighting requirements within the Food Processing Industry. Each of you has Food Processing Facilities of one type or another in your territory. These additions are sure to help you garner additional sales in your territory.


  • Compact luminaire for low mounting height applications
  • Unique high temperature acrylic refractor/reflector
  • Two distinct distributions to satisfy application requirements
  • Access door for relamping
  • Available in Class I Div 2 (groups A,B,C, and D) and Class II Div 2 (groups F &G) and Class III Div 1&2 rated UL844 locations
  • 70-175W MH, 70-150W HPS, 42-57W CFL, 55W QL

For more information, specifications and approval drawings, visit the Food Processing ‘Mini’ web site. CFL and Induction Lamp photometric testing is being completed now and should be available within approximately one week.

Launch Vantage Mini web page.





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