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Holophane is quickly growing a line of high-performance, dependable LED products for the indoor and outdoor lighting markets. You can rest assured that all LED products offered by Holophane have been highly engineered for maximum performance, reliability, long life and visual comfort.

When engineering our LED products, Holophane draws on a


110+ year history of innovation and design integrity. Our products utilize the best materials, components, optics and thermal management systems available in the market today.

Browse our current selection of LED products below for more information and be sure to check back often as we will be releasing a number of new LED products in the very near future.

Tear Drop LED IITear Drop LED II
Traditional tear drop look with two housing styles, three glass optics to choose from -- uplight and decorative options as well. Highly engineered for long life and performance.

Pedestrian Tear Drop LEDPedestrian
Tear Drop LED

Pedestrian scale companion to the Tear Drop LED luminaire. Precisely engineered to leverage the latest COB (Chip-on-Board) LED technology.

GlasWerks LEDGlasWerks® LED
Classic architectural appeal combined with energy-efficient LED technology and user-friendly utility features in a variety of styles and optic configurations.

GranVille II LED Glass Acorn LuminaireGranVille® II LED
Acorn style "Classic" and "Premier" luminaires with glass prismatic optics and all classic GranVille HID housing styles. For both new installations and as retrofit kits for existing GranVille installations.

Glass Washington Postlite® LEDGlass Washington Postlite® LED
The latest LED technology engineered into a urban scale acorn luminaire with durable glass prismatic optics, traditional housings and a variety of decorative trim options. Also available as certified OEM retrofit kit.

Acrylic Washington Postlite LuminaireAcrylic Washington Postlite® II LED
2nd Generation LED engineered into a urban scale acorn luminaire with acrylic prismatic optics and traditional housings. Also available as certified OEM retrofit kit.

Madeira LED luminaireMadeira LED
With the right balance of beauty and performance, the Madeira LED provides exceptional illumination for roadway applications while saving energy, and reducing maintenance.

LED Full Cutoff Utility SeriesLED Full Cutoff
Utility Series

Three decorative styles of IDA approved full cutoff LED luminaires with time & money saving Utility features.

Lantern Post Top LED SeriesLantern Post Top LED Series
Tthe vintage styling of this series of prismatic lanterns has adorned urban streets and parks since the early 20th century.

SiteLink LED TracBollardSiteLink® LED

LED landscape lighting solution that acts both as a modular pathway lighting system and also as a mounting stanchion for a variety of other equipment.


HMAO LED III High Mast LuminairesHMAO™ LED III
The innovative new Holophane HMAO LED III uses a modular chip design to provide a light weight solution with up to 77% energy savings and 50% maintenance savings over traditional HID high mast products.

Mongoose LEDMongoose® LED
The Mongoose LED roadway and area lighting luminaire provides significant energy and maintenance savings vs. HID luminaires and offers the ultimate in application flexibility.

TunnelPass LEDTunnelPass LED™
Holophane now offers the industry's most technologically advanced luminaire available for tunnel and underpass lighting for a wide variety of roadway & rail applications

TunnelPass LED Medium
TunnelPass LED™ Medium
Compact but powerful TNLEDMED luminaire for tunnel and underpass lighting, includes new control options and enhanced through-wire raceway feature.

Sign-Vue LED IISign-Vue® LED II
Designed to meet the requirements of the billboard advertising industry as well as DOT signage applications, the Sign-Vue LED II is an extremely flexible platform that can provide over 80% energy savings while virtually eliminating maintenance costs

LEDgend Roadway LEDLEDgend®
The ultimate in quality LED lighting for roadway & area lighting applications, the new Holophane LEDgend brings performance, long life, sustainability, energy efficiency, reliability and visual comfort to the lighting market.

Predator LEDPredator® LED
With three sizes and multiple lumen packages, the Predator® LED flood luminaire provides significant energy and maintenance savings vs. HID luminaires in a variety of applications.

Wallpack LEDWallpack® LED
LED wallpack luminaire available with glass or poly lens and a variety of lumen packages

Wallpack Full Cutoff LEDWallpack® Full Cutoff LED
Full Cutoff LED wallpack luminaire available with the reliability, features and performance worthy of the Holophane name.


Parkpak LEDParkpak® LED
Combines robust mechanical design with Holophane’s optical expertise and permanence of prismatic glass to replace 70-250W metal halide luminaires.



PHS - Phuzion LED HighbayPHS - Phuzion™
Unique intentional uplight delivers unprecedented uniformity for an open look you can see. First industrial-grade fixture with industry-leading eldoLED® technology delivering seamless dimming to 1% without noticeable dropouts.

PHZL- Phuzion LED HighbayPHZL - Phuzion™
The Phuzion™ PHZL LED high bay replaces up to 1000W HID delivering consistent light levels well beyond traditional lighting and at higher temperatures than other LED high bays.

PHZ - Phuzion LED HighbayPHZ - Phuzion™
Breakthrough new design in LED High Bay lighting utilizing state-of-the-art LED technology and prismatic glass refractors for outstanding performance and visual comfort with a sleek modern form factor.

PHG - Phuzion LED HighbayPHG - Phuzion™
The PHG LED High Bay is a light industrial luminaire designed to replace up to 400W HID, up to six lamp T5HO or up to eight T8 fluorescent lamps while cutting energy usage by 50% or more.

HDI TrofferHDI Troffer
HDI LED Luminaries with basket style optics offer indirect, low-glare, ultra-efficient illumination for today’s commercial buildings. Choose from optic styles, multiple sizes and lumen package.

LHL TrofferLHL Troffer
LHL Series LED Luminaries feature two optic styles, including the uniqu5 Illusion model that creates an intriguing kaleidoscopic light effect on the lens surface as the viewing angle changes.

HZL Strip LightHZL1N / HZL2N
Industry leading LED Strip lights with Long life, low wattage, 5 year standard warranty, superior optics and a 2 year or less payback makes this product family the preferred choice in general area

Energy efficient, enclosed & gasketed industrial LED fixture utilizing a vandal resistant polycarbonate body. Shallow 4 1/8" overall depth, 8 1/4"-width, 4' length and available in a variety of lumen packages.

Bantam 2000 LEDBantam 2000 LED
Bantam 2000 LED Series is the perfect fixture for a variety of heavy-duty industrial and low-ceiling height applications. Typical applications for luminaires in the Bantam 2000 Series include mezzanines, parking garages, retail stores and stairwells.

PXLW – Petrolux®PXLW – Petrolux®
Weighing in at a mere 18-pounds, the rugged, Petrolux® PXLW LED round low bay is the optimal cost-efficient, low weight, feature-packed solution for the demanding environments where dust, dirt and moisture are a concern.

Vantage LEDVantage® LED
The rigorous demands of food-processing plants and related areas are no match for the Vantage LED luminaire. Its strategic sloped shape and ultra-sleek corrosion-resistant finish repel water and leave nowhere for food, dirt or debris to hide.

Petrolux LEDPetrolux® LED
Petrolux, the industry standard for high performance lighting products in demanding environments has now expanded its line to include a new energy efficient, state-of-the-art LED offering.

Ideal for use in cold storage, food and beverage processing, manufacturing, industrial, schools, gymnasiums and exterior retail environments.

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