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Vantage ALT

Intended Use: For Food warehousing.

Features: The Vantage ALT luminaire is an acrylic-lensed luminaire designed for the food industry and other areas where an acrylic lens is desired. Available with either an aluminum cover with acrylic refractor for focused downlight, or a combination acrylic reflector/refractor for up to 15% uplight, this luminaire can be used in multiple applications where a Damp Location listing is acceptable.

Excellent photometric distributions allow this luminaire to be mounted at a variety of mounting heights. Vantage ALT is available from 250 to 400W MH or HPS with standard or pulse start MH lamps and standard or low loss ballasts utilizing Holophane’s 1.0 ballast factor.

Certain airborne contaminants can diminish the integrity of acrylic. Please refer to the Acrylic Environmental Compatibility Chart (HL-2445) for suitable uses.

Individually Sensored Option

Listings: UL-1598; CSA; Damp Location; 40°C or 55°C (depending on configuration)

More on the Vantage
Food Processing Line
(Requires Flash 8 Plug-in)

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File Name Title
vantagealt.pdf Vantage ALT 
Specification sheets
File Name Description
Vantage ALT with Acrylic Reflector
Vantage ALT with Aluminum Reflector
Photometric Data Files
File Name Catalog Number Description
100895 AT250HP00XXA Lamp = 250W CLEAR HPS  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.7, SC-90=1.7  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
101068 AT250HP00XXC Lamp = 250W CLEAR HPS  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.57, SC-90=1.57  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
100890 AT250MH00XXA Lamp = 250W CLEAR MH  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.64, SC-90=1.64  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
100942 AT250MH00XXC Lamp = 250W CLEAR MH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.56, SC-90=1.56  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
100896 AT250PM00XXA Lamp = 250W CLEAR PMH  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.63, SC-90=1.63  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
101017 AT250PM00XXC Lamp = 250W CLEAR PMH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.63, SC-90=1.63  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
100889 AT400HP00XXA Lamp = 400W CLEAR HPS  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.66, SC-90=1.66  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
100943 AT400HP00XXC Lamp = 400W CLEAR HPS  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.56, SC-90=1.56  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
100894 AT400MH00XXA Lamp = 400W CLEAR MH  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.58, SC-90=1.58  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
101016 AT400MH00XXC Lamp = 400W CLEAR MH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.56, SC-90=1.56  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
100888 AT400PM00XXA Lamp = 400W CLEAR PMH  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.56, SC-90=1.56  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
100941 AT400PM00XXC Lamp = 400W CLEAR PMH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.4, SC-90=1.4  Desc: VANTAGE ALT
Installation Sheets
File Name Title
im-194-b.pdf IM-194-B 

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