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Vantage Mini

Intended Use: Assembly Plants, Food Processing Plants, Refigerated or Cold Storage, Wholesale Nurseries, Parking Garages.

Certain airborne contaminants can diminish the integrity of acrylic. Please refer to the Acrylic Environmental Compatibility Chart (HL-2445) for suitable uses.

Features: The low profile Vantage Mini luminaire is the optimal solution where maintenance, sanitation, and energy conservation are key concerns in extreme environments like Food and Beverage Processing. The durable construction is designed for long life and ease of maintenance.

Available in two optical configurations, the Vantage Mini will meet various illumination needs. Engineered to provide the most efficient and uniformly illuminated environment possible, this luminaire can increase productivity and safety conditions at sub-zero temperatures and may be installed in hazardous rated locations (optional). The hazardous version is available in the prismatic lense only (uplight)

UL/CUL listed for wet locations
NSF Certified for C-2 Splash Zone
IP66 rated

Hazardous version is listed for
Class I, Div 2 Groups A,B,C,D
Class II, Div 2 Groups F,G
Class III, Div 1 & 2 locations.

More on the Vantage
Food Processing Line
(Requires Flash 8 Plug-in)

File Name Title
vantagemini.pdf Vantage Mini 
Specification sheets
File Name Description
Vantage Mini
Vantage Mini (Hazardous)
Photometric Data Files
File Name Catalog Number Description
103820 VC10DHP00XXX Lamp = 100W CLEAR HPS  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.74, SC-90=1.74  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103823 VC10DMH00XXX Lamp = 100W CLEAR PMH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.69, SC-90=1.69  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103795 VC15DHP00XXX Lamp = 150W CLEAR HPS  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.77, SC-90=1.77  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103787 VC15DMH00XXX Lamp = 150W CLEAR MH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.69, SC-90=1.69  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103782 VC17DMH00XXX Lamp = 175W CLEAR MH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.6, SC-90=1.6  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103778 VC17DPM00XXX Lamp = 175W CLEAR PMH  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.55, SC-90=1.55  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
104292 VC42CFL00 Lamp = 42 W COATED CFL  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.66, SC-90=1.66  Desc: VANTAGE MINI, CUTOFF
104289 VC55QL00 Lamp = 55W COATED IND  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.35, SC-90=1.35  Desc: VANTAGE MINI, CUTOFF
104339 VC57CFL00 Lamp = 57W Coated Compact Fluorescent  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.67, SC-90=1.67  Desc: VANTAGE MINI, CUTOFF
103819 VC70DHP00XXX Lamp = 70W CLEAR HPS  Dist: DIRECT, SC-0=1.79, SC-90=1.79  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103815 VU10DHP00XXX Lamp = 100W CLEAR HPS  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=2.31, SC-90=2.31  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103824 VU10DMH00XXX Lamp = 100W CLEAR PMH  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=2.01, SC-90=2.01  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103796 VU15DHP00XXX Lamp = 150W CLEAR HPS  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=2.27, SC-90=2.27  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103788 VU15DMH00XXX Lamp = 150W CLEAR MH  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=2.27, SC-90=2.27  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103783 VU17DMH00XXX Lamp = 175W CLEAR MH  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.83, SC-90=1.83  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
103777 VU17DPM00XXX Lamp = 175W CLEAR PMH  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.72, SC-90=1.72  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
104291 VU42CFL00 Lamp = 42 W COATED CFL  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.91, SC-90=1.91  Desc: VANTAGE MINI, UPLITE
104288 VU55WQL00 Lamp = 55W COATED IND  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.41, SC-90=1.41  Desc: VANTAGE MINI, UPLITE
104338 VU57CFL00 Lamp = 57W Coated Compact Fluorescent  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=1.98, SC-90=1.98  Desc: VANTAGE MINI, UPLIGHT
103816 VU70DHP00XXX Lamp = 70W CLEAR HPS  Dist: SEMI-DIRECT, SC-0=2.2, SC-90=2.2  Desc: VANTAGE MINI
Installation Sheets
File Name Title
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