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Holophane’s “SALE” software allows the financial analysis and comparison of total cost of ownership for two or more different
lighting systems.

  • The program evaluates initial, maintenance and annual operating costs of multiple lighting systems.
  • SALE” compares each system’s payback time and net present value.
  • Comparisons can be made based on any combination of installation, energy, and maintenance costs. Options are available to include expenses associated with installation such as conduit, wiring, outlet boxes and labor.

Holophane provides luminaires with the best combination of performance and lowest total cost of ownership. We offer unbiased solutions incorporating the best source technology for lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Advanced research and development in superior optics and thermal control deliver products that generate more usable light with fewer luminaires. Precision optics allow for wider spacing between luminaires.
  • Superior ballast designs and construction promotes energy efficient luminaires with longevity and dependability.
  • Innovative luminaire designs and high quality manufacturing assures exceptional and reliable performance with minimal maintenance for many years.
  • Glass optics resist electrostatic charges that attract dirt and dust. Wiping the glass during re-lamping will restore efficiency to 100%. The performance of glass is unaffected by long term exposure to UV rays.
  • Holophane’s Sales Representatives are lighting experts with extensive and continual training. Our sales professionals can educate and assist in finding the best solutions to fulfill any lighting requirement.
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