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1. Retrofitting: Examine current luminaire efficiency and replace components that improve performance.

  • Lamps and ballasts are usually replaced.
  • Reflectors, lenses or louvers are replaced or cleaned depending on the condition, budget, and time constraints.
  • Control systems are installed when possible.

2. Replacement: Replace old luminaries using outdated technology on a one-for-one basis with new highly efficient luminaires. New luminaires also add to the aesthetic of the overall environment with new designs.

  • HID probe start lamps and ballasts are replaced with HID pulse start, for better lamp lumen depreciation and increased lumens per watt.
  • Fluorescent T12 are replaced with T8/T5HO for lower energy consumption and increased lumens per watt.
  • Magnetic Ballasts may be replaced with Electronic for increased ballast efficiency.
  • Holophane luminaires can often light an area to the same footcandle level with less wattage through superior optical performance. Lower wattage leads to greater energy savings.

3. Relight: In depth analysis of current environment and implement a new lighting system through use of efficient luminaries with lower costs of ownership. A thorough approach to factors affecting the quality of light as well as initial, operating and maintenance costs.

  • Analysis of regulatory compliance, circuit sizing, control system, interior design, traffic control, visibility, psychological responses, appearance, flexibility requirements, user expectations, and day light contributions.
  • Old luminaires, wiring and conduits are removed.
  • New lighting system is installed along with control system to maximize energy savings.
  • Holophane’s expert sales professionals can assist in every step of a relight project and provide the best solutions for long term success.


Lighting renovation projects can be a significant financial investment and require careful evaluation of potential partners. Here are some tips and questions to ask prior to making a final

  • Visit past installations and take notes. Check references and financial stability. Review potential partner’s business history and track record.
  • Test recommendations against proposals. Is the partner biased toward one type of technology or do they offer
    both HID and fluorescent solutions?
  • Are the sales representatives knowledgeable about all facets of lighting, including appropriate environmental and lighting considerations and requirements?
  • Does the potential partner provide a full range of products and services?
  • Is the potential partner only offering the lowest initial price (short term solution) or interested in providing a quality lighting solution with the lowest total cost of ownership (long term solution)?

Holophane has the expertise, resources, and flexibility to meet any lighting need.

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